Untitled-1Founded in September 2002 in Birmingham, Alabama, Latitude3 Media Group owns and operates 3 magazine titles and 4 websites. Print magazines include Extreme How-To, Business Xpansion Journal, and Recovery Campus. Latitude3 web properties include extremehowto.com, bxjmag.com and recoverycampus.com.

Extreme How-To targets home-improvement enthusiasts and professionals that are serious about using the best products, and getting the job done right the first time. Business Xpansion Journal targets the nation’s largest manufacturers, call-centers, factories, foundries, pharmaceutical and bio-tech, research, textile, chemical, aerospace, automotive, transportation, professional, and other companies for expansion/relocation of their facilities. Recovery Campus serves the young adult population and raises awareness of the growing number of Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRC) across the country.

Our team is comprised of publishing industry veterans with over 100 years of combined service working together. Since 1984, this prolific and talented group has been involved in the launch and management of more than 30 magazines and websites. Business Xpansion Journal, Recovery Campus, and Extreme How-To are all products that were conceived, planned, and created by our staff.

We take great pride in building excellent databases, producing quality products, and providing solutions for our readers and advertisers. We have an unparalleled reputation for customer service and customer retention. Repeat business comprises approximately 80% of our advertising revenues. This track record is very important when determining which media company to partner with to achieve marketing and advertising objectives. We believe strong relationships and strategic partnerships are vital keys to success in today’s publishing environment.

To find out more about Latitude3 Media Group and its related products please visit our web sites at www.extremehowto.com , www.bxjmag.com, and www.recoverycampus.com